Dan Honig

Has anyone ever wanted to know more about their name? I Googled mine, Dan Honig and I am amazed at how many people actually have the same name.  They say it is a small world and I suppose the internet helps us to learn more about ourselves and our titles sush as mine, Dan Honig.  I have searched every where using many different search engines looking for Dan Honig and I am always amazed at the amount of people I find with that name.  I am sure there are others with the title Honig or even Dan Honig that are interested in the name and the origins of the name.  I know very little about the name so I am using this blog to meet others with the Honig name and also in an attempt to see information about the origin of  Honig.

Honig Family History: From Ancestory website:

  1. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): metonymic name for a gatherer or seller of honey, from Middle High German honechonic ‘honey’, German Honig. As a Jewish surname it is generally ornamental.
  2. German (Hönig, of Slavic origin): from a pet form of Heinrich.
Dan:  Dan was the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.Dan can also be used as a nickname for Daniel.
In search of information about the origins of Honig and others with the same title as mine, Dan Honig.