I was happy to find a Wikipedia entry for Honig:

Honig is a surname of German origin. The word means honey in German. People with the name include:

  • Bonnie Honig (contemporary), political and legal theorist and feminist
  • Dick Honig (contemporary), American football official
  • Donald Honig (b. 1931), American novelist and baseball historian
  • Edwin Honig (b. 1919), American poet, playwright, and translator
  • Eugen Honig (1873–1945), German architect
  • Ezekiel Honig (b. 1977), American musician and label manager
  • Franz-Josef Hönig (b. 1942), German professional football player
  • Howard Honig (contemporary), American stage, movie, and television actor
  • Jake Honig (b. 1991), American filmmaker
  • Joel Honig (1936–2003), American music critic, copy editor, writer, and pianist
  • Lucy Honig (contemporary), American short story writer
  • Rebecca Honig, a.k.a. Rebecca Handler (contemporary), Japanese-American voice actress
  • Richard Honig, a German professor for jurisprudence