Small Business

I am working on developing a few of my ideas into small businesses! I have always had these ideas yet wasn’t sure if they would be successful or not.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and aggressively follow my dream.  I am tired of working for others and helping others follow their dreams and not have time to follow my own dreams.  The only issue is working on my businesses while I work is going to be hard.  But that is how most of us get started anyway.

I am happy to be in the position to begin the small business ideas and see where it takes me.  I was recently motivated by Steve Jobs and his stepping down due to health reasons. The more and more I read his speeches and his actual story I realized you need to follow your instincts and make a change.

Even if I don’t succeed I won’t be sorry in the end that I never tried! So, here goes the first few steps in developing my own companies! I am sure there are many in my position and I would love to trade stories so we can learn from each other.  Good luck to all of us on this great adventure.