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Daniel Honig

This week has been a strange week with a lot of changes.  Business can be a hard place sometimes and one thing through the years I have learned is to not mix friends with business.  Sure, people tell you that all the time but do they really practice it?

We spend a lot of time with our business partners and employees and we can begin to form a friendship.  But with that being said there is also a boundary or a line that should nto be crossed.  This is more important if you are the boss or a top executive.  Many of us have had to learn this lesson the hard way but it always boils down just the same, you aren’t at work to make friends.

If you make a point not to mix the two you will be much better off! Some thing that is sad or not a way to live but in the business world it is just business.


An Idea

So, most of us have these ideas and some of us develop the ideas into businesses or new inventions.  Others forget the idea or feel they can’t do anything about it so why begin?

My business idea started many years ago and it is only now that I decided to do something about it.  I can’t say it will be an easy road but a road I must take.  There is a lot of small business information out there and even start up information but really where do you begin?

My idea is to begin with the website! Build it and they will come? I often wonder.

Small Business

I am working on developing a few of my ideas into small businesses! I have always had these ideas yet wasn’t sure if they would be successful or not.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and aggressively follow my dream.  I am tired of working for others and helping others follow their dreams and not have time to follow my own dreams.  The only issue is working on my businesses while I work is going to be hard.  But that is how most of us get started anyway.

I am happy to be in the position to begin the small business ideas and see where it takes me.  I was recently motivated by Steve Jobs and his stepping down due to health reasons. The more and more I read his speeches and his actual story I realized you need to follow your instincts and make a change.

Even if I don’t succeed I won’t be sorry in the end that I never tried! So, here goes the first few steps in developing my own companies! I am sure there are many in my position and I would love to trade stories so we can learn from each other.  Good luck to all of us on this great adventure.



I was happy to find a Wikipedia entry for Honig:

Honig is a surname of German origin. The word means honey in German. People with the name include:

  • Bonnie Honig (contemporary), political and legal theorist and feminist
  • Dick Honig (contemporary), American football official
  • Donald Honig (b. 1931), American novelist and baseball historian
  • Edwin Honig (b. 1919), American poet, playwright, and translator
  • Eugen Honig (1873–1945), German architect
  • Ezekiel Honig (b. 1977), American musician and label manager
  • Franz-Josef Hönig (b. 1942), German professional football player
  • Howard Honig (contemporary), American stage, movie, and television actor
  • Jake Honig (b. 1991), American filmmaker
  • Joel Honig (1936–2003), American music critic, copy editor, writer, and pianist
  • Lucy Honig (contemporary), American short story writer
  • Rebecca Honig, a.k.a. Rebecca Handler (contemporary), Japanese-American voice actress
  • Richard Honig, a German professor for jurisprudence

Dan Honig

Has anyone ever wanted to know more about their name? I Googled mine, Dan Honig and I am amazed at how many people actually have the same name.  They say it is a small world and I suppose the internet helps us to learn more about ourselves and our titles sush as mine, Dan Honig.  I have searched every where using many different search engines looking for Dan Honig and I am always amazed at the amount of people I find with that name.  I am sure there are others with the title Honig or even Dan Honig that are interested in the name and the origins of the name.  I know very little about the name so I am using this blog to meet others with the Honig name and also in an attempt to see information about the origin of  Honig.

Honig Family History: From Ancestory website:

  1. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): metonymic name for a gatherer or seller of honey, from Middle High German honechonic ‘honey’, German Honig. As a Jewish surname it is generally ornamental.
  2. German (Hönig, of Slavic origin): from a pet form of Heinrich.
Dan:  Dan was the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.Dan can also be used as a nickname for Daniel.
In search of information about the origins of Honig and others with the same title as mine, Dan Honig.